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Solutions for Senior Care
Simplifying communication for everything from emergencies to daily outreach

A cloud-based software that enables a coordinated, collaborative approach to senior care and fully integrated with your EHR and Payroll software

Effective Communication

Enhance engagement through wide-reaching broadcasts followed by personalized, one-on-one interactions.

  • Send SMS texts, voice recordings, emails, secure chats and onboarding links.

  • Customize your audience selection for wide-reaching announcements or specific messages to designated groups. 

  • Send important communication to staff, residents and responsible parties or to anyone in the contact list.

  • Secure messaging - HIPAA compliant for communication containing Protected Health Information (PHI).

  • Automation tools for resident check-in or engage with staff for work anniversaries and birthdays.

Schedule Assist

Share open shifts by role to available staff. Then engage staff one-on-one to manage and fill openings.

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