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Healthcare's Integrated Communication Platform

Simplified communication solution for providers and organizations committed to caring for seniors.

Time Savings

Equip Your Team with Tools to Boost Efficiency

Our platform provides the solutions you need to optimize time management and increase revenue. Our platform can improve staffing and reduce overtime. The savings add up each pay period.

Secure Messaging

Streamline communications between care providers

Dexzyle offers a secure, encrypted messaging platform for allowing quick and compliant communication between care providers, pharmacies, and prescribers. The service supports sending and receiving messages, images, and attachments, reducing reliance on phone calls and faxing. 

Workflow Optimization

Enhance Communication and Gain Valuable Insights

Utilize a single platform to communicate and engage with your entire community, including residents, their families, and staff. Our platform empowers your staff to focus on the residents' well-being by reducing manual tasks and providing actionable insights.

An Intuitive Experience

Deliver a Customized User Experience

Our user-friendly platform eliminates the need for extensive training or complex technology. It allows users to effortlessly tailor communications to meet the unique needs of residents, family members, and staff reducing unproductive work.

Connecting Care Providers

Every team needs an efficient and flexible platform.
With full EMR/EHR integration, you'll never manage a contact list again.

Communication &


Dexzyle simplifies sending SMS texts, secure chats, emails, voice files, and automated calls. Easily access all contact info with our EHR integrations for Resident Contacts, Employees, Providers, and Vendors for efficient and effective communication.

Resident & Family Engagement

Whether it’s for emergencies, policy changes, routine care coordination or social announcements, Automate your messages to keep residents and family members informed.

Staff Scheduling /


Easily update scheduling changes or focus on day-to-day operations while seamlessly communicating with all or some of your staff. Have confidence that you are prepared for emergencies and staying compliant with regulations.

Integration (HIPAA Compliant)

Integrating with your EHR and payroll service enhances data accuracy and reduces manual errors. Dexzyle directly sources all data, ensuring that the information is always current.

Our solution requires no extensive IT setup. Use your EHR self-activation or Payroll Connection to begin

Use any web browser to connect or download our app from the app stores.

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