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Streamline communications between care providers with Secure Messaging

A convenient way to share sensitive information more effectively, that’s secure, encrypted, and easily archived

Secure Communication

Collaborate more efficiently and effortlessly with your pharmacy, facility, and prescribers.

  • Instant communication for your facility
    Quicker than voicemail or faxing and feels just like texting

  • Secure – If you think your staff isn’t texting each other, reconsider. A single PHI breach can cost you thousands of dollars and damage your reputation. 

  • Send & receive instantly – messages, files, and pictures on any device, desktop, or browser.

  • Abandon phones and faxes – Dexzyle offers a straightforward solution to modernize your workflow, moving away from outdated technologies.

  • Never be uncertain about the status of an Prescription again – easily see at a glance when your messages have been received and read.


Keep your pharmacy on track

Integrated with Docutrack, we bring instant communications with facilities and prescribers right to your screen.

Enhance communication – Easily inform facilities about their order statuses with just a few clicks.

Minimize errors – Clear communication ensures that critical medications are not delayed.

Gain a competitive edge – Providing excellent customer service has never been easier.

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